Discover the Secrets of Yggdrasil Design

The start of the year really starts with spring. A time for all things anew and this is the short story of my first multi-colored and themed art design based on the tree of life Yggdrasil. As the each season is just another part of life, and that was what I set out to create.

For the season of spring, the green transitions from the faded yellow of the plants hibernating from winter. Backed by the red heartbeat of new and rejuvenating life that comes with the blooms of spring.  

For the season of summer, the mix of yellow and greens reflects that state of new plants taking in the summer sun, and yellow ones that are taking a break from the heat. The blues represent the bright and sunny skies showing the most vibrant blues our eyes ever see in the year. 

For the season of autumn, color of purple is most prominent as it is the twilight of the seasonal cycle before winter sets into. A dark a calm color to ease into the cold nights of winter. The yellows reflecting all that is ready to rest and hibernate for the coming winter as well. So autumn is definitely the season of preparation.

Lastly for the season of winter, the cold and icy blues and whites that dominant the design showing the quiet and calmness of winter. A time of rest and respite that makes the coming season of spring such a vibrant season of growth possible.

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